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Multipurpose Rescue Stick

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Product Description

The Rescue Stick is a robust yet lightweight item of animal rescue equipment to assist with casualty rescue retrieval, in particular during mud or water rescue. Fully extendable, the Rescue Stick can be adjusted to any length from 190cm (6ft) to 467cm (18ft), and is secured in place by a simple clamp lock.

The Rescue Stick has a large hook on one end ideally suited to hook/ drag applications in water rescue.

Depth markers (up to 600mm) are fitted on the Rescue Stick, making this also suitable for use as a wading pole.

  • Ergonomically designed hook for hook/lift/drag applications
  • High visibility
  • Low maintenance
  • Extendable from 2 to 4.5 meters
  • Compact for transportation and on-board stowage
  • Independent clamp locks for quick adjustment
  • Depth markers up to 600mm

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