Foam Concentrates

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  • Aqueous Film-Forming Foam

    Our range of Tridol AFFF products provides rapid flame knockdown on hydrocarbon spill fires.

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  • Class A

    Forexpan S is specially formulated for Class A applications such as forestry and wildland fire control, structural fires, and tyre and paper fires.

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  • Emergency Service

    The Angus Fire Emergency Service delivers urgently needed stocks of foam concentrate and fire fighting equipment to major incident sites worldwide. A dedicated emergency hotline provides a simple means of communication 24-7

    Phone + 353 1 8465140 /+353 866013293 /
    +44 (0) 15424261166 for emergency delivery of firefighting foam

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  • F3 Training Foams

    The latest Fluorine-Free Foam (F3) technology is ideal for training exercises and fire vehicle testing with minimal environmental impact.

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  • Film-Forming Fluroprotein

    Petroseal FFFP is the world’s leading foam for airport fire services. It combines the speed of AFFF with the post-fire security of FluoroProtein

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  • Fluorine Free Foams

    Angus Jetfoam 3% ICAO level B airport standard

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  • Fluroroprotein

    Tank Master FP foam is specially developed to extinguish large hydrocarbon storage tank fires at oil refineries and fuel storage depots.

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  • High Expansion

    Expandol high expansion foam is ideal for total flooding and LNG applications.

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  • Multipurpose

    Niagara, Alcoseal and Tridol ATF are highly versatile Alcohol Resistant foams that are suitable for use on hydrocarbon and polar solvent flammable liquids.

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