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Inflatable Rescue Sled

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Product Description

The Rescue Sled is a water rescue craft for use in rivers, flooded urban and coastal areas, mountains and lakes.

Fully inflatable, the Water Rescue Sled is lightweight and portable, both inflated and deflated. It is easy to manoeuvre, and can be paddled, pulled by hand, or towed by a jet ski, boat or small hovercraft.

The Inflatable Rescue Sled has a flat bottom, making it exceptionally stable and suitable for use in very shallow water (from only 400mm), making it perfect for help in flood rescue. The open, low stern assists with casualty recovery, and also enables quick rescue of wheelchair users.

The Inflatable Water Rescue Sled is available in three standard sizes; 3, 5 and 10 and to increase capacity, sleds can be linked together.

  • Exceptionally tough and durable
  • Rapid inflation and deployment
  • Low maintenance
  • Easily launched into the surf zone for sea rescue, with a raised bow for optimum performance in waves
  • Open stern for easy access and self-bailing
  • Minimal training, servicing and maintenance costs
  • Can be supplied with or without motor

The Rescue Sled is a versatile piece of water rescue equipment suitable for use in a variety of different situations, including those involving Fire and Rescue Services, Water Rescue Teams, the Environment Agency, Police Divers, the RNLI, the Marine and Coastguard Agency, Mountain Rescue Teams and Airports.

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